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Advancement Awards

Theophano Mitsa

'88 (MS), '91 (PhD)


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Dr. Theophano Mitsa is an independent data mining/analytics consultant and co-inventor of the Blue Noise Mask (BNM), a widely adopted halftoning technique that prints shades of gray in less time and at a higher quality than traditional methods. Originally created for medical imaging, BNM is being explored for use in data compression and encryption, error masking, and color transmission.

Dr. Mitsa received her undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at the Aristotelean University of Thessaloniki in Greece before coming to the University of Rochester, where she earned both her master’s and doctorate in electrical engineering. Her doctoral thesis focused on her BNM research.

She left Rochester in 1991 to be an assistant professor at the University of Iowa. After five years, she became a lead project integrator and senior applications engineer at GE Healthcare and then joined Abiomed as a senior software engineer in 1999. In 2003, she returned to academia as an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts. She has been a self-employed data mining/analytics consultant for the past seven years.

Author of Temporal Data Mining, Dr. Mitsa’s work has appeared in 47journal/conference academic publications. She holds 14 U.S. patents and has helped develop several medical-related products and processes, including a method for the early detection of diabetic neuropathy, a handheld decision support system (DSS) for novice nurses, and an imaging application that measures the amount of cardiac calcification from cardiac CT images.

Her awards and honors include a Fulbright award for graduate studies, a research and equipment grant from Hewlett-Packard, a research grant from the Whitaker Foundation, and the National Science Foundation Research Initiation Award.

In 2011, the Theophano Mitsa and Kevin J. Parker Scholarship Fund was established at the University of Rochester to provide support for students of the Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences. (Kevin Parker is also co-inventor of the BNM.) Dr. Mitsa is a member of the Boston Regional Cabinet and the George Eastman Circle, the University’s leadership annual giving society.

She lives in Melrose, Massachusetts.