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Humanitarian Award


2017 Award Recipients

William Gamble

A beloved clinician and educator for nearly 50 years, Dr. William Gamble in uenced the lives of countless students and surgical residents. His call to faith-based missionary work evolved into a lifelong passion that led him to practice surgery in Kenya and Tanzania. Dr. Gamble’s sel ess commitment to caring for underserved populations is an enduring legacy and an inspiration to all.

Sophina M. Calderon

A dedicated family medicine physician, Dr. Sophina Calderon has devoted her career to providing compassionate care to disadvantaged populations close to home and globally. Her tireless e orts have heightened awareness of Native American health issues and promoted best practices. Sel essly committed to serving the underserved, she brings honor to her native Navajo Nation community and to her alma mater.

Recipients of the Humanitarian Award