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School of Medicine and Dentistry

John N. Wilder Award

Established in 2008, the John N. Wilder Award honors an individual, family, association, corporation, or foundation whose philanthropy inspires others in support of an “Ever Better” University of Rochester. The award is named for John Wilder, first president (chairman) of the University’s Board of Trustees.

2016 Award Recipient

Jeffrey A. Stone & Carolyn E. Stone

An alumni couple whose Rochester roots span more than three decades, Dr. Jeffrey Stone and his wife, Carolyn, are much-admired role models whose lives and deeds exemplify the very spirit of Meliora, “ever better.” Their hearts are forever tied to the River Campus, where they met as incoming freshman, fell in love, and married at the Interfaith Chapel. Both went on to build highly successful careers in their respective professions: Jeffrey as a Fellow of the American College of Radiology who serves as an associate professor of radiology at the Mayo Clinic Florida, and Carolyn, a respected expert in competitive intelligence, data analysis, and market research. Generous philanthropists, the Stones are esteemed members of the George Eastman Circle. Eternally grateful for the financial assistance each received while students at Rochester, they are committed to providing need-based scholarships for undergraduate and medical students. To that end, the Stones generously established two endowed funds held in perpetuity, one at the School of Arts and Sciences and one at the School of Medicine. Devoted volunteers, Carolyn is a member of the Arts and Sciences National Council while Jeffrey serves on the School of Medicine and Dentistry Alumni Council and is a member of its communications and advancement committee. The Stones truly are an exemplary Rochester couple, and we are deeply grateful for their invaluable role in advancing all that we do.

Recipients of the John N. Wilder Award